With a custom home, every square foot of your living space will feel uniquely yours, and there’s no better expression of that than the designing of the master bedroom. While professional remodeling can alter any home to fit your preferences, there’s a limit to how much you can change, set by either the original layout of the house or your budget.

Unlike the rest of your home, where you might entertain guests, you can build a master bedroom design that reflects your interests and sense of style. There are many design options to choose from, and creating a space solely for you can seem daunting if you’ve never done it before. Fortunately, we’ve provided several design ideas below that can help get you started!

1.   Where Will You Sleep?

Since sleep is the primary purpose of a bedroom, it’s not a bad idea to start designing your master bedroom from the bed and go outwards. First, start with placement. If you’re a morning person, then you might want your bed near a window so sunlight can hit it in the morning. More of a night owl? Place the bed farther away and invest in dark curtains or a canopy bed.

2.   Maintain a Flow

Your bed can also determine the master bedroom’s layout. You’ll want your bedroom to have a natural flow that keeps both sides of the bed clear for better accessibility. Maintaining the room’s flow also makes it easier to keep it clean, avoiding creating obstructive messes or piling up clutter too high.

If your custom home is more compact or has an open floor plan, you can create a naturally flowing room by installing dividers like dressers, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, or even a bedside table.

3.   Pick a Color Palette

If a master bedroom represents the homeowner’s personality, then the color scheme is the first impression. The color of the walls and how they complement the rest of the room can say a lot about you. A darker color palette feels closed off and cozy, making the master bedroom a place to escape from the world.

More vibrant colors are energetic, showing that you’re ready to tackle the day, while softer colors make the bedroom seem friendlier and inviting.

4.   Plan Your Lighting

It’s essential to plan how you’ll keep the master bedroom lit so that it’s as comfortable as possible. A well-placed light fixture will enhance the colors of the master bedroom while promoting proper sleep.  For the most health benefits, natural light is the way to go.

Place your bed and side table next to a window; the sunlight will wake you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. And, once the sun goes down, you can simply turn on a table lamp when needed.


Capturing a certain room feeling is difficult even when you’re developing your home from top to bottom. The ever-growing range of design options for your master bedroom can seem impossible to sort through, but the expert designers at the Icon Building Group are ready to help!

For professional advice on designing the master bedroom of your dreams, call us at (847) 232-6400 and schedule an appointment today!


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