Are you ready to design your dream home? When it’s time to plan and design a glamorous luxury home that meets all your needs, you may look for custom home ideas to inspire you. Consider these four ideas as you plan a home that reflects who you are and your unique personality.

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1: Consider a Luxury Kitchen Island

Luxurious kitchen islands provide a great place to socialize and entertain, right in your kitchen. A customized kitchen island often serves as the centerpiece in a dream kitchen. You can personalize the height and shape of the island, its overall surface area, and even the countertop materials you choose to use.

Interior designers help you go over all your options if you’d like to customize the island in your new kitchen.

2: Include Natural Wood

Wood provides warmth and natural beauty to house designs in the Chicago area. You can incorporate new timber, reclaimed wood, or even recycled options when building a custom home. Depending upon your personal tastes, you may want:

  • Hardwood floors
  • Ceiling accents with wooden beams
  • A front door of a unique and lovely wood

Selecting high-quality wood also provides you with a home fixture that will last a long time. Well-cared-for hardwood floors, for example, often last for a lifetime. You can place wood floors in any room of your house, including the dining room or kitchen, spreading beauty and warmth from one area to the next.

3: Indulge with Heated Floors

The winters here in Chicago often get very cold. You can keep away the chill from the ground up with heated floors. While you can heat the floors in any room of your luxury home, most people choose the bathroom.

However, when exploring custom home ideas, you don’t have to limit yourself. You can heat many different kinds of floors throughout your home, including tile or carpet.

4: Install Smart Technologies

Smart home technologies allow your home to adapt directly to what you want. You can make your life more convenient with gadgets like smart thermostats that make it easy to control your home’s temperature. You may even want to install an Amazon Alexa service on your property.

Smart technology can allow you to control various aspects of your home just by pressing a button. You can turn on your air conditioning from work with a smart option or adjust your:

  • Refrigerator
  • Dishwasher
  • Washing machine

Find out more about your options for installing smart technology by working with a home design firm right here in Chicago.

Explore Additional Ideas for Your Home

You can discuss additional custom home ideas with the Icon Building Group. We are standing by to help you design a luxury home that meets your needs. Start designing the home that fulfills all of your dreams by reaching out to a member of our team at (847) 773-1200.

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