When you’re constructing your dream home, you likely have your heart set on luxury living. You can focus on ensuring your home has everything by considering must-have luxury home features. The experts at Icon Building Group are your luxury home builders in Chicago, IL. If you’re ready to learn more about your building options, call us at (847) 773-1200 today.

#1: Smart Home Technology

Improve the overall intelligence of your living space with smart home features. Smart home technology allows you to connect your appliances and equipment, including security systems. You can control different parts of your home with an app or by setting up a routine.

Icon Building Group can help you set up smart home features that:

  • Close your curtains automatically
  • Tell your thermostat when to change the temperature
  • Monitor your security cameras
  • Turn your appliances on or off

Consider upgrading your living space with these luxury home features to get the most out of your time in the house.

#2: A Lovely Outdoor Space

Your home features don’t have to end at the front door. Many luxury homes feature a lovely porch and yard. You might consider an outdoor kitchen or a fire pit built to encourage warm get-togethers, even in the winter months.

You may even envision bringing the outdoors inside. Consider an open floor plan featuring large windows or sliding glass doors. These features welcome in the sunshine and the gorgeous views of your property.

#3: A Personal Spa and Pool

You can de-stress after a hard day at work with a personal pool and spa in your luxury home. You have many options when it comes to such features in your home. Some property owners are interested in outdoor luxuries such as:

  • Hot tubs
  • Fountains
  • An infinity pool
  • A diving area

You can also bring these comforts directly into your home with a spa area in the master bathroom. Consider a large and personalized tub designed to match your aesthetics.

#4: Space for Your Belongings

Why not include a dream level of storage space in your luxury home? Walk-in closets for each bedroom give you plenty of space to arrange your clothing and shoes. You may include built-in shelves or personalized systems to organize your clothing.

Some luxury homes include enough space for a dresser inside, allowing you to easily arrange your clothing and dress within the closet. You can set up mirrors and more. You may even set up a door that leads directly into the bath, making dressing for the day convenient.

You may also consider built-in shelves for your books or within your office. Many property owners even set up a walk-in pantry, allowing for additional space when cooking.

Ensure Your Home Has the Luxury Features You Want

If you want to make your luxury home ideas a reality, reach out to Icon Building Group. We provide property owners in the Chicago area with the dedicated support that they want. Learn more by calling us at (847) 773-1200 today.

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