A timeless house exterior color can maximize the longevity of a home’s appearance. Opting for a trendy color may be enticing, but it may not stand the test of time. Lake Geneva’s trustworthy custom home builders know how a timeless color choice can make or break a cohesive exterior look.

Below, we look at the top five colors guaranteed never to go out of style.

1. White

White is preferred for its crispness and ability to adapt to its surroundings. Because white can go with anything, a repaint is not needed to match additional exterior items like shutters, roofing, and sheds. Homeowners tend to like white’s customizability.

White recently made a massive resurgence with the rise of Scandinavian color schemes. The minimalism of white represents clarity and does not overwhelm the viewer. One downside to a white home is that maintenance can be costly as dirt stands out against white and requires more frequent cleaning.

2. Beige

Beige is a safe neutral that offers a warmer, more inviting feeling. Like white, beige can acclimate to any accent color without compromising its integrity. Tones such as clay, sand, and fawn are a few examples of the exterior paint color of a beige home.

Modern and traditional houses alike can adapt exterior color schemes to feature beige. It is a popular color choice for vinyl-sided structures for its ability to appear earthy despite being made of a manufactured material. Beige is the ideal shade for those who require an upgrade but do not know what they want.

3. Gray

Gray is a popular choice for a good reason, as it’s perfect for those who want a darker color without going too dark. Against colors in the cool-tone family, gray is an excellent backdrop. A light gray can be a safe color, while a darker gray exudes a moodier tone.

There is no style of home that does not work well with gray. Excessive amounts of sunlight can fade a dark-colored paint job. With that in mind, a house painted with a dark hue would be better suited for a place with lots of shade.

4. Sage

Sage departs from the strictly neutral family and works well with warm and cool tones. Historically a favorite of country cottages, sage is now being seen in contemporary and modern homes. Stone siding and earth-toned accents anchor sage to its fairytale charm.

5. Dark Blue

Dark blue is a great color for someone looking for a pop of color that isn’t overwhelming. Dark blue inspires feelings of tranquility and calm, easing the viewer as they gaze upon your home.

Cape Cod homes are historically the most popular homes to opt for dark blue. Tones of midnight, indigo, and navy offer a whimsical touch without going too wild. A dark blue exterior can be played up or down with accent colors.

Design for the Future

If you still aren’t sure what exterior color is right for your home, let us guide you. Learn more about open floor designs and how to make your home a dream come true. Our unmatched reach for quality and design can make your home incredible.

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