Anyone who has tuned in to HGTV in the past year has seen the trend: people are moving into smaller and smaller homes. For many individuals and couples, the choice to downsize is a financial one. The economy just isn’t conducive to mega mansions anymore, and people are realizing there is a significant amount of freedom associated with breaking free from the “house-poor” cycle. Now, we’re not saying that 200 square feet is a logical choice, as seen on HGTV’s “Tiny House Hunters”, but there is a significant need in the market for 1500-3000 square feet homes, and we want to give the people what they want! So, if you are in the market for a smaller home, but are nervous about the logistics, we are here to help. Our designers have come up with a couple different ways to maximize space in your smaller living areas that will make the transition an easy and enjoyable process.

Think Vertical:

vertical home designThe most underutilized space is above or below furniture. High mounted shelves or hanging chairs offer storage in otherwise useless areas and can free up floor space for the more important items such as larger furniture or walkways. In your kitchen, take the cabinets all the way to the ceiling! Use the higher up and hard to reach ones to store those knick knacks that only make an appearance once or twice a year.

Trick Your Eye:

The best way to make a space seem bigger is a little bit of magic. Mirrors are a great way to give the impression that a room is larger than it truly is by exploiting natural light and lines that trick your brain into ignoring the room’s boundaries.

Visual continuity, or making every room seamlessly flow from one to another, is also a great move. When the same style is conveyed throughout each and every room it is hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. This is the same concept as open floor plans but can work perfectly even when walls are present.

bright home interiorGo Bright:

This one might seem like common sense but darker colors close off spaces. The lighter and brighter colors you put into a room the more open and spacious it will feel. This goes for paint colors, furniture, and accent pieces alike. The best way to see this is through the current trend of white cabinets! We have never once seen a white kitchen that looks small or closed off, regardless of the size of its footprint.

home design interiorBe Strategic:

Not everything you own must be displayed at all times because nothing makes a room feel smaller than clutter. Give your prized pieces room to breathe and be strategic in their placement. A well-placed piece of art or furniture can help distinguish one room from another. Highly hung gallery walls give the illusion of high ceilings. And organizing rooms based on your needs will create calm and order.

Whether your dream involves a small or big home, these tips will help make any space look and feel like home. Bigger may not always be better, but custom certainly is!