Building a house during winter has its advantages and disadvantages. However, when working with the best custom home building professionals in Chicago, you have nothing to worry about when building in the winter months. Icon Building Group has the expertise, experience, and equipment to build homes in all conditions, including winter.

If you plan to start a new home construction in winter, below are a few things you should consider.


You can expect to spend more when building a house during winter than you would if building in the warmer months. Cold weather construction comes with some extra expenses. The builders will need to heat water or aggregates when pouring concrete, leading to additional energy costs.

Other added expenses may include rock hammering of frozen soils, dehumidifiers for drying out framing, and ground heater and concrete blanket rentals.

One potential advantage of winter construction is that contractors may be less in-demand during the colder seasons. As a result, the additional expenses needed to perform various tasks may even out in the final overall cost of construction.

Efficiency and Productivity

A major advantage of winter home construction is increased efficiency and productivity. When you start construction in the winter, you will get much more personal attention from your contractor than you might receive in the busier months.

The increased dedication from construction workers makes it easier to stay on schedule and complete the project faster. The regulatory authorities usually have fewer permit applications during the winter months, making the complex permit process quicker.

Building a house during winter often means you will move in during spring. Besides being easier to move your possessions during warmer months, you will also be able to enjoy your new home in the springtime with a wide range of activities.

Nature’s Benefits

Mother nature can be much more forgiving and beneficial during the winter than you would expect. Various environmental factors during the winter can help you have a high-quality home. It is often difficult to tell how an area behaves during precipitation in the drier months.

However, you can easily tell the property’s behavior during the rainy season by evaluating various situations, such as where water collects when it rains. Another benefit of nature is that water from snow helps compact newly laid gravel, creating an excellent base for concrete work.

Additionally, saturated dirt promotes thorough work from excavators, helping avoid the ‘setting spots’ that usually develop after summer constructions.

Yard Maintenance

One of the biggest worries for homeowners when constructing a house is the damage to their yard. During winter, the yard is frozen and usually covered in snow. Therefore, there is less potential for damage from construction workers and heavy equipment.

Conclusion: Talk to The Experts

If you’re considering building a house during winter and need more information about the process, the experts at Icon Building Group can help. To learn why new homes are more efficient or to schedule a consultation for your custom home construction needs in Chicago, reach out to us by phone today at (847) 773-1200.

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