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Every year in the United States, nearly 16,000 children will be diagnosed with cancer. This unfortunate statistic is why St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital exists. The hospital was the dream of actor Danny Thomas, and he spent years raising money and encouraging others to become a part of the project. The hospital initially opened its doors in April of 1962, and began immediately to provide treatment. Its research has been devoted to finding methods that would help children overcome cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. Since their opening date, the survival rates for children with cancer have gone from 20 percent to 80 percent. Just as important as its medical success is the fact that this hospital does not charge families for the care their children need. All of their needs including transportation, housing, and food are covered by the facility. This is why fund raising is a vital part of the operation of the hospital. Through donations, the clinic is able to continue their groundbreaking medical research without interruption and lovingly care for approximately 6,000 children every year.

Notable Fundraiser

The St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway is a fundraiser that began in 1991. This one campaign has managed to raise $290 million for the hospital’s research program and provide the funding necessary to keep the services free to the people they treat. Each year, a home is built specifically for this purpose, and the profit from the sale of the home is given directly to the hospital. The builder donates their time and talents to design and build as stunning a home as possible. We are proud to showcase the current dream home, which was built and donated by us here at Icon Building Group. With over 14 years of experience in the luxury home renovating, design, and building business, we have put everything we have into creating a stunning showplace that is expected to raise a significant amount of funds for this important facility.

An Amazing Design

The home is known as the “Chicago Dream Home Showplace.” The builder and many additional sponsors have donated materials to keep building costs low to ensure the largest profit possible for the hospital. The home boasts a custom staircase, custom cabinetry, and a masonry fireplace. It has a two-story family room, five bedrooms, and six full bathrooms. All of the finishes in the home are high-end as are all appliances in the gourmet kitchen. The stunning turreted design includes large windows, spacious rooms, and a complete home theater. The house sits on a beautifully landscaped lot in a desirable neighborhood with amazing views of the Lake Charles area in Lake County, IL.

The Home Builders

Icon Building Group immediately agreed to take on this project when it was offered to us. We worked with many others to turn the idea of the dream home into a reality for the St. Jude organization. Our experience as a luxury custom home builder made it easy for us to create a design that would become a profitable campaign for the hospital and a beautiful home for a lucky family. Our professional team of architectural, design, and home building specialists work closely with our clients to create innovative and exciting new homes, additions, and home remodels. Over the past decade, our Chicago home builders have built or worked on over 2,000 homes in the Chicago and Southern Wisconsin regions.

The St. Jude team relies on donations and fundraisers to make it possible for them to continue their work. The Dream Home is currently offered for sale through the Premier Realty Group. Of course, people do not need to purchase the home to help support the efforts of the hospital. Donations can be made directly to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital through their website.