One of the major conflicts facing home buyers is whether to buy an existing home or opt for new construction. There are those who tout the advantages of purchasing an existing home, but the advantages are generally far outweighed by those of purchasing a new, custom home. While some advantages are quite obvious, others tend to be more subtle. At Icon Building Group, we work closely with clients to ensure they understand the many reasons to buy new construction.

New Construction Provides a Home That’s Truly You

Purchasing an existing home might be expedient, but doing so limits a home buyer’s creativity. Certainly an existing property can be modified, but there are often compelling reasons to avoid doing so. No matter how much updating is done, the home will still be in the same location and have the same basic footprint. With new construction, home buyers can dictate the style and the location, meaning the home will truly reflect their tastes and needs. In addition, building a new home may actually be easier than updating an existing property.

Take Advantage of New Technology

When building a new home, today’s incredible technology can easily be incorporated into the design. The “internet of things” means homeowners can now easily control everything from security systems to starting dinner remotely using smartphone apps. Comfort appliances can be adjusted to ensure the home is comfortable when owners arrive, but limit the use of utilities while no one is present. Even window treatments can be remotely activated to take advantage of the sun as the day progresses. Wiring for entertainment systems and computers can be installed during the construction process. None of those things is accomplished as easily when retrofitting an existing home.

Green Building Improves the Home’s Environment

Modern building materials and techniques are employed to enhance a new home’s livability. At the same time, using materials like bamboo rather than other hardwoods is more ecologically sound. Other materials are selected to avoid the use of potentially harmful chemicals, which is a great boon to anyone with health-related issues. Even those in perfect health will be challenged by living in a home constructed using chemicals that could cause issues after a prolonged exposure. When buying an existing home, the buyers have no control over the materials that were used to construct that dwelling and may not be fully able to identify possible health threats.

Modern Homes Are More Energy Efficient

Newly constructed homes can be built using windows, doors, and other materials designed to conserve energy. Today’s heating and cooling appliances are also far more efficient than those typically installed in homes a decade ago. Even the appliances installed in new homes today require far less energy than those used in the past. New lighting technology means fixtures provide quality light while, at the same time, using less electricity. Existing homes don’t offer those benefits and generally require significant, costly modifications to obtain similar results.

New Homes Include a Warranty

New homes by the Icon Building Group include a comprehensive warranty to protect buyers. Existing homes do not automatically include any real warranty, and even the minimal warranty offerings available at an extra cost are not comprehensive. New home warranties protect your investment and should be an important consideration when weighing the pros and cons of new construction over purchasing an existing home.

Although electing to purchase an existing home can be a valid choice, building a new home opens far more options. At Icon Building Group, our team of experts is poised to help new home buyers with everything from the initial concept to making final decorating choices. To get started on your new home, contact the team for help today.

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