1. French Door Ovens

In the last couple years, we have seen an increasing demand and popularity for French door appliances. The French door refrigerator has taken over the kitchen market so it’s no surprise that this trend is moving on to the other appliances. No more do you have to balance a heavy dish over the hot, open oven door. With a French door oven, you have the space to maneuver around with ease. They are also perfect for smaller kitchens because they don’t require the clearance needed by traditional oven doors.


  1. Induction Cooktops

induction cooktopsLet’s face it, gas stoves with open flames often cook food irregularly. Induction cooktops solve this problem by using an electromagnetic field just below the surface of the pan to generate heat quickly and uniformly, which is perfect for dishes that require a high level of precision. The time it takes for an induction cooktop to bring a pot of water to boil is nearly half that of a gas range. Now, don’t mistake induction with electric. Electric ranges simply have a electric heating element or coil. Induction tops will not generate heat unless there is a pot or pan on the glass top, and when a pan is removed, it stops heating. Very cool.


  1. Steam Ovens

Culinary professionals have been using steam ovens for years, but they’ve only recently started to gain interest in residential kitchens. High end manufacturers such as Wolf, Miele, Viking and Thermador all have their own models, which goes to show this is not simply a passing trend. So, what’s the difference? While conventional ovens use standard heat to cook food, which often dries it out, steam ovens use super-heated steam to cook food which actually adds moisture to whatever your cooking! In addition to moist food, the steam also adds humidity which helps cook food faster and more evenly.


  1. Bluetooth Wireless Thermometer

Bluetooth wireless thermometers are a must have for all grilling novices! Everyone loves a good BBQ but we all can’t be grill masters. This gadget, such as the Weber iGrill 3, helps ensure your meat is cooked to perfection. All you have to do is stick the probes into the meat, open the IOS or Android application on your phone, and select what type of meat it is and the desired doneness. As soon as your food hits your preferred temperature, the app will alert you to take it off the grill! This handy device removes all the guess work and is extremely easy to use.


  1. Fridge Cam

fridge cameraFridge cameras are making life a whole lot simpler. While you can go out and purchase the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator, which retails for approximately $5,000, the cheaper alternative that works with your existing fridge is the Smart Cam system. Every time you close the door the camera snaps a shot of the contents inside and uploads the image to an application on your smart phone. Now whenever you are at the store, you can quickly pull up the app and see if you need milk, eggs or butter without having to remember the dreaded shopping list.