If you’re interested in learning how to design a man cave, check out these five excellent man cave ideas to personalize the space. Read more about our ideas, then contact Icon Building Group to learn more about our five-star home remodeling services in Wilmette, IL, and the nearby areas.

1. Customize a Superior Sports Spot

A classic approach to the basement or extra room man cave is transforming it into a sports fanatic’s dream. You should, of course, include a large-screen TV or projector to watch the big game with your friends or to review highlights. You can hang jerseys, autographs, and other essential memorabilia throughout the space, perhaps with spotlights and stylish frames.

Don’t forget to add an area in the man cave for drinks and snacks! No sports space is complete without them.

2. Make a Movie Room

Are you unsure of how to design a man cave? Are you a movie fanatic that constantly catches the latest flicks? Think about making your man cave the movie-watching space of your dreams with a theater-worthy screen and surround sound system.

You can add a popcorn maker, vintage movie theater motifs, and other fun elements. Framed movie posters of your favorite films also are the perfect addition to the space.

3. Craft a Sophisticated Library

Home designers will recommend plenty of bookshelves or cases if you decide to make your man cave the perfect library. Place comfortable armchairs and good reading lights throughout the space. You could even opt for a rolling ladder if your library is tall and complex enough.

4. Build a Stylish Basement Bar

A basement bar is an outstanding use for the space. Show off your mixology mastery with plenty of room to store drinks and a convenient bar fridge. You can show off your finest selection of drinks and keep everything you need as a bartender under or behind the counter.

If you have other focuses for your man cave, you don’t need to sacrifice your bar! Why not enjoy excellent beverages with a classy-looking bar cat? You can include glasses,

an ice bin, and a well-stocked selection of drinks, truly making the most out of the space.

5. Create a Fun Game Room

If you want to have fun with friends, a game room is a perfect purpose for a man cave. Whether you prefer pool, foosball, ping ping, or shuffleboard, adding a game table to the area is a must-have. If the space allows, you could even add multiple gaming options, perhaps with a table for card games.

Shine a spotlight on your gaming spots with overhead light fixtures! If you’re more into video games, add some retro arcade games and LED lighting to set the mood. You can also add multiple seating options to relax and play either on a big screen or with older gaming selections.

Create Your Man Cave with Icon Building

Now that you have some idea of how to design a man cave contact Icon Building Group for assistance. We know luxury home features and how to design any space, so call us at (847) 232-6400.

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