Our first order of business with this 1958 ranch was to improve the floor plan. The property had a gorgeous pool in the backyard, but the house had limited sightlines to it. We wanted the most lived in parts of the home to face the beautiful terrace outside, and to achieve this goal, we completely demoed the formal dining room and existing kitchen. This allowed us to re-orient and greatly expand the kitchen, improve traffic flow, and ‘marry’ the eating and living areas together.

There were challenges, as there always are in older homes, but the biggest obstacle we faced was the placement and the state of the rough mechanicals. The duct work and electric had all been run underneath the house in the slab, and were not salvageable due to improper installation and years of corrosion. Ultimately, we had to demo all of the rough mechanicals and re-route them overhead.

After reworking the floor plan, installing new flooring, updating the kitchen and fireplace, and replacing the mechanicals; this beautiful home was brought back to its mid-century-mod glory!