Mission, Vision & Values

We love what we do here

We Are Icon Building Group

Our Mission

To build high quality custom homes and remodels, within a dynamic, collaborative and customer focused process.

Our Vision

Our values, customer experience, technology and exceptional operational systems, make us the builder/remodeler of choice in the markets we serve.



We surround ourselves with passionate people that not only inspire themselves but others to bring positivity and excitement to Icon every single day. It is quite contagious! Our employees understand the importance of their role in relation to the direction and purpose of the organization. Passion is a hot commodity in the working world!


Here at Icon, integrity comes in many forms. With upstanding characteristics in each employee, we show that honesty and dependability come together to form respect and trust amongst our clients!


Empathy and compassion are incredibly important to us! We take the time to listen and take all concerns into consideration. Empathy paves the way for us to retain productive working relationships amongst ourselves, our trades and customers. We understand the importance of stepping into someone else’s shoes!


Anyone who crosses our path is treated with politeness, kindness, courtesy and respect. Expressing our opinions and ideas are encouraged with appreciation and dignity. The mutual respect helps productivity, knowledge and understanding across all boards. Our open-door policy is 24/7!


One value that sets us apart from 99.9999% of other companies is that we have FUN. It is plain as day that it has helped improve teamwork, built everlasting relationships amongst all, has increased employee retention and collaboration. Having fun leads to creativity! Happy = healthier.


The culture of our company revolves heavily around service. We strive to do whatever we can to make our customers completely satisfied throughout the building and remodeling process. Any decision we make, we have our client’s experience in mind!


Accountability is our number one expectation. It has led to employee moral and higher performances. We believe that employees are responsible for their decisions, actions and behaviors. But, same goes for our clients as well. We are all accountable for the outcome of each and every project. Teamwork!


Work-life balance is INCREDIBLY important. We recognize this makes our employees feel valued and happier both at work and at home. Each year we set personal goals to meet priorities that help us remain in control of our balance and accomplishments. Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency!


We believe that all employees hold themselves responsible and hold themselves accountable to deliver the best results possible. It allows Icon to have a compliant work environment and shows the commitment we make to achieving our visions company wide!


At Icon, we surround ourselves with inspiration, creativity, and experience to the fullest possible extent. We simultaneously enhance our business performance and engagement on a daily basis keeping up with the latest and greatest technologies. We are committed to challenging each other to be the leading homebuilder in the Midwest!