Whether you’re building your new home by yourself or with the services of a custom builder, it can be an avenue to channel creativity into the project. You can give your home a modern feel by focusing on some minor details that will improve your lifestyle in the home and add to its appeal.

There are some must-have features for your home that will certainly make it that personalized space that you are looking to make it. Without further ado, let’s’ go through some of these unique construction ideas from your favorite Chicago custom home builders!

Convenient Laundry Rooms

Instead of having to move your laundry downstairs to wash, you can opt for a main floor laundry room. This way, you can enjoy the convenience of doing quick loads instead of waiting for the clothes to bulk up. Depending on your desired layout for your modern home, you can install specific laundry equipment for even better efficiency.

Better Access to Natural Light

While a lot of construction these days is phasing the dominance of the traditional window, it is in your best interest to include them in your home design. You should invest in small inoperable windows to give your living space better access to natural light. This way, you save energy used by excessively installed ample light fixtures while giving your home that traditional feel that many homeowners want.

Drawers for Cabinets

Due to the large size of deep kitchen cabinets, it’s very common to lose items or find it difficult to locate small utensils when you need them. Kitchen deep drawers resolve this concern as they provide a better view of your utensils without you having to bend down to search for them.

Dual Closet

If you’re moving into your dream home with your better half, then you may want to choose a dual closet as opposed to the traditional single. Not only does this provide better storage space for both of you, but it improves the value of your home. If your custom home builder can implement his and hers closets in your home, then you should consider sparing that extra room to give both you and your spouse enough space to keep individual items.


To relieve your kitchen of some storage duties, you can have a dedicated pantry installed for keeping food items safe. You can get creative with either a closet or walk-in pantry, depending on the amount of space you have to work with.

Smart Devices

You can considerably improve the quality of your lifestyle by installing smart devices like modern heating and cooling systems right from the onset. This equipment helps to conserve energy while providing more flexibility in your home. You can even get creative with built-in speakers that save wall and floor space while filling your home with good tunes.

Easy Trash Disposal

Installing a recycling or trash chute in your home can provide even more convenience in your home. You can strategically create a chute in your kitchen that automatically transports the waste to the bin and keep your living space clean with little or no effort.

Don’t forget these ideas when you’re designing your dream home!