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Four Reasons to Go Neutral With Your Kitchen Decorating Scheme

If you’re considering new color schemes for your kitchen, neutral color kitchen ideas may be at the bottom of your list. However, this classic color scheme has a lot to offer in interior spaces like bedrooms, living areas, and kitchens.

Below you’ll find the four main reasons why neutral colors work in kitchen spaces.

#1: Make Appliances Stand Out

When used as primary colors for walls, baseboards, and trim, neutral colors allow bolder colors to shine. Choose calm beige walls and appliances in shades like bright cherry red to make those features really pop.

#2: Keep The Kitchen Stress-Free

When used correctly, neutral color schemes can provide a stress-reducing atmosphere for any room. Since kitchens often serve as centers for many activities, meals, and more, choosing neutral colors for walls and accents helps calm these spaces.

#3: Add a Touch of Elegance

In the right combinations, neutral colors lend themselves to a sense of elegance and even luxury. Pair cool grays with crisp ivories, or outfit your entire kitchen in timeless mauves and beiges.

#4: Excellent Base for Repainting

Should you ever change your mind and decide neutrals aren’t for you, no problem! Most neutral colors like beige and gray make suitable bases for repainting in the future and are way easier to cover than colors like bright red or neon green.


How to Use Neutrals in the Kitchen

So you want to try using neutral tones in your kitchen, but you don’t know where to start. Keep reading below for some starting points to keep the design inspiration flowing.

As always, reach out to a seasoned kitchen design professional for help finding your perfect color scheme.


Neutral with a Twist

As we mentioned, accenting neutral kitchen colors with bright or bold shades, even neutral ones, always creates an eye-catching effect. But what shades work well together?

Try pairing deep reds with lighter browns and beiges. Choose countertops, kitchen cabinets, appliances, and trim in bolder or deeper colors while using lighter colors on walls and backdrops.

This same concept works well with other colors. Consider chartreuse accents with goldenrod walls, for example, or bold black or navy features set against cool gray walls.


Fully Zen

Neutral colors lend themselves to relaxation. To give your kitchen a calm, quiet feel, try choosing deep cool grays for your walls and accenting with lighter off-whites or cream ivories.

To outfit a neutral Zen kitchen with appliances, choose off-whites and grays.


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