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Getting Started


Planning Your Dream Home...

The planning phase is critical. Our first responsibility is to help make sure whatever budget you may have can align with the kind of home you want to build. During this initial discussion you are educated on things that drive cost, available alternative material options that can be used to reduce cost, we share our experience on finishes/space that make sense to put into your home and on those that do not. Ultimately and obviously, what is designed and built is your call, however, our default is to try and help you spend less and spend wisely. Once the project scope and budget have been clearly defined, and both sides are aligned, we start the design process. Normally within 3 to 5 days we have the first design ready for review. We work together to make sure the plan represents the specifics of your vision, revising the design as many times as necessary, until it does.

Adding the Details...

Our goal when working with each client is to make sure every aspect of your new home construction is right the first time around. Appliances, finishes, fixtures and other inclusions are meticulously selected to ensure clients get what they envisioned. While that takes time and requires a commitment from both our design team and the client, getting to the desired goal means we are going to do what it takes to make our clients happy throughout the building process. The satisfaction of our clients is our top concern and we will do everything possible to see that each client is completely satisfied until conclusion of the project.


Staying in constant contact with our clients is very important. We know our clients are anxious to move into their dream home, and we make it a priority to stay in touch so everyone is up-to-date on the construction process. From getting the initial permits to installing the finishing touches, our clients always know the status of their new home. We even provide online resources so our clients can check on the progress of the home whenever they have the time.

As a client, you will always have a person to contact directly to resolve any issues or to simply explain why some steps are necessary during a home’s construction. Your project manager will be available to make sure you are comfortable with what is happening.

Before You Move In…

A week or so before you close, we do a walk through to make sure every detail has been completed and you are happy with the results. If issues are discovered, they are taken care of before you move in, assuming weather and material availability cooperate. During this time we also present you with your Homeowners Manual, video of your home prior to insulation so you know what is behind your drywall and we do a home orientation so you know how to “operate” your new home. Lastly we review the warranty timeline and process for getting things scheduled, if need be, in the future. We are proud to service such communities and towns throughout Illinois and Wisconsin.

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