Spec home vs. custom home: Something every soon-to-be homeowner must ask themselves. Knowing the difference between the two plays an essential role in your long-term success and happiness in your new home. In this article, the professionals from Icon Building Group review the pros and cons of specs vs. custom and dive into the differences you should understand. Top-rated Deerfield home builders are here to answer your questions and help you build the home of your dreams. Continue reading to see what these experts have to say.

What’s the Difference?

A custom house requires significant involvement during planning. This home works well for those who want the final say on every aspect of the build, seeking to craft the perfect house for their needs. You’ll work with the builders to design your home and create a place tailored to your needs.

A homeowner has less or no say in the construction of a spec house. Typically, you’ll buy these homes during or post-construction. This home proves ideal for those who want to move fast or don’t require a customized build.

Deciding between the two is your first step to buying a dream home. What do you want out of your home? If you don’t care about the minute details of the floor plan or finishes, a spec home may suit your needs.

However, if you have a detailed plan for your home, you should speak to a custom home builder instead. Whether you choose a spec home vs. custom home, ensure you and your family remain confident in your choice. Each type has pros and cons, which we explain in the following.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Spec Homes

Some advantages of a spec home include the following:

  • Lower cost than custom
  • Little to no construction wait time
  • Fast move in
  • Brand new home

You also need to consider the disadvantages, including:

  • Somewhat generic
  • Usually, no say in finishes or paint colors
  • Fixed floor plan
  • No say in lot or neighborhood

This makes the ideal home for those who need to move in a shorter time or don’t want the stress of making constant decisions. If you don’t care about the details, a spec house may best suit you.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Custom Homes

The advantages of a custom home include the following:

  • Complete freedom in design
  • Personalized to meet your specifications
  • A deeper understanding of how houses get built
  • A close attachment to the home

The disadvantages are as follows:

  • Typically more expensive than preexisting or spec homes
  • May be challenging to sell
  • Longer wait for construction
  • Excessive amounts of decisions

If you plan on staying in the home indefinitely, a custom home makes a great option. The right custom builders will help you stay on budget and on time to mitigate some of the stress.

Conclusion To understand more about custom home options, look into multigenerational homes. If you have further questions regarding a spec home vs. a custom home, contact Icon Building Group at (847) 773-1200 and request a consultation in Deerfield, IL, today.

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