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Our architects answer numerous questions from curious residents and home builders about the most popular house architecture styles in Illinois, one of our favorite service areas.

In this article, our designers will discuss three prevalent house architecture styles in Illinois.

You will learn how the city toes the line between traditional styles and contemporary trends, making homes look fresh and welcoming year-round.

Three Most Popular House Architectural Styles in Illinois

Homeowners want their houses to communicate in a design language that lasts, so they don’t like an architectural style that will look dated ten years from now.

We’re experts in building every American house style, and Illinois is one of the best places in the country to build your dream home. According to Wallethub, Illinois is the third best city in America for quality of life and the eighth safest place to raise a family or build a career.

Since the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, Illinois has been a melting pot of various house architectural styles from first-generation immigrants who made sizeable contributions to its rebuilding.

1. American Bungalow Style

Houses in the American Bungalow Style are charming and modest. They resemble cottages with roofed fronts, usually with porches and stoops. Illinois residents from England erected thousands of bungalows after the Chicago Fire, making the state famous for the Bungalow Belt.

2. The Cape Cod Style

Cape Cod style, also known as Cape Cod Vernacular, is a style of architecture heavily influenced by New England coastal architecture and traditions. Cape Cod-style homes usually feature low-pitched roofs, asymmetrical structures, and ornate trims.

Cape Cod architecture originated from 18th and 19th-century English homes, which came to Illinois via early settlers from Great Britain. Cape Cod is reminiscent of the Georgian style, with complex roofs and numerous dormer windows.

You can spot Cape Cod homes in Brookfield, Elmhurst, Franklin, and Downers Grove. You can also find it in various areas of New England.

3. The Victorian Style

The Victorian house architecture styles from England and Scotland became popular in the late 1700s. Since several homes in Illinois came from the Victorian era, you can spot many Victorian features on entire neighborhoods.

For example, the turret, a projecting, conical, or dome-like structure, is the Victorian era’s best-known symbol. Gabled roofs, bay windows, dormers, and iron railings are also Victorian hallmarks.

You can spot Victorian homes in multiple Illinois neighborhoods, like Riverside, River Forest, Oak Park, and Lombard.

Learn More About House Architecture Styles in Illinois

Our professionals build colonial houses and apartment buildings in many contemporary styles. We also install key features in finished homes to make them more livable for homeowners and property managers.

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