Are you considering a high ceiling house? The right addition to your home can make even a small house feel luxurious. Make your home desirable with expert home building services in Deerfield.

Our team at Icon Building Group can make your dream home a reality. Enhance your home with our custom building professionals, and give yourself the ultimate comfort and enjoyment. 

Here, we’ve listed the three main benefits of vaulted ceilings.

One: Enhance Your Home’s Value with Cathedral Ceilings

Whether building your custom home or changing up what you’ve already got, adding cathedral ceilings will significantly increase the value of your property. You can maximize your selling power and entice buyers or make the space more enjoyable for yourself and your family. 

Convert your attic spaces into a vaulted ceiling. Our team can help you utilize the space you’ve already got and make your home more beautiful. Turn every aspect of your home into the height of luxury. 

Two: Let in More Natural Light

When you maximize your ceiling heights, you give your room the opportunity for additional natural light. Add floor-to-ceiling windows to showcase your beautiful landscaping and enhance comfort with gentle sunlight all day. 

Adding natural light to your home makes it more comfortable and may reduce anxiety and stress by bathing you in the sun’s healthy rays and encouraging productivity. Natural light also allows more indoor plants, which enables higher-quality indoor air. 

Three: More Spacious Feel with Vaulted Ceilings 

Even the smallest rooms in a high ceiling house feel spacious. Vaulted ceilings help you breathe easier and feel lighter. When paired with minimal furniture, the house feels brighter and cleaner and offers more space for family fun. 

Make your entire house feel larger than life with high-reaching chandeliers and walls of glass. This look modernizes your home and gives your family the space it needs to grow and live life to the fullest. 

The added space does come with some drawbacks, however. The following offers some insight:

  • Higher energy bills
  • More noise in your home 
  • Ceilings are more challenging to clean

The benefits far outweigh the drawbacks, and vaulted ceilings are sure to enhance your living space and promote better living. 

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