Vacation homes are perfect spots to get away from your everyday life and areas where you can relax and enjoy beautiful views. It is your second home away from home. Get started on your vacation house today with the best custom home builders in Lake Geneva from Icon Building Group.

Keep in mind these helpful considerations and ideas for your vacation home!

Have a Cohesive Design

The perfect vacation house design is cohesive, deliberate, and flows harmoniously throughout the residence. If you have a design theme selected, keep that consistent and incorporate it into every room. Having a color palette that goes together and does not overwhelm is a positive way to keep a theme.

Consider Functionality

You first must determine if you will be using the property for your vacations or as rental income. That will help decide the floor plan and what design elements you should utilize. Generally, having relaxing seating areas, outdoor spaces, and cozy bedrooms are great ideas to start crafting.

Utilize Low-Maintenance Vegetation

A vacation home can still have beautiful plants without all the maintenance! It is unlikely you will want to spend a long time caring for vegetation on vacation, but you still want the look and feel of them. Low-maintenance plants can calm you, make you happier, and look good in your vacation house design.

Incorporate Luxury Pieces

Everyone wants a little bit of luxury in their life, especially on a fun vacation where you deserve to feel pampered, royal, and fancy. You can purchase high-quality furniture, gorgeous artwork, or stunning materials like marble or granite to give your home a high-end feeling. However, you do not have to spend tons of money for your home to look like a magazine cover or a design showroom.

Finishes in gold, silver, or faux finishes are small touches that can make a space look luxurious.

Use Calm Colors for Relaxation

Designers often say that soft colors work best in a space meant for relaxing. In your vacation home, try to use colors that fit the location and the feel you want. For example, you can use coastal colors like blue, white, gray, coral, and yellow in a beach home and bolder, brighter colors for a cityscape space.

Keep Your Work Separate

Getting work done at your vacation home may be inevitable, especially if you want to work with a better view. If you find yourself working from your vacation home, having a designated space separate from the rest of the property is critical for maximum enjoyment and productivity.

Conclusion: Build Your Ideal Vacation Home

We can help bring your vacation house design to life with our team of builders and designers. You can also learn about the advantages of the thermostat, which is perfect for controlling the temperature in your vacation home. Icon Building Group has assisted many clients with building their dream homes throughout Illinois.

We serve clients in Lake Geneva, WI, and throughout IL. We are ready to begin building your vacation home from the ground up, so contact us today at (847) 773-1200.

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