Master bathrooms are the most common addition to a new home construction now, with some master bathrooms almost exceeding the size of the bedroom they are connected to. As retro style makes a comeback, more people are showing interest in Jack and Jill bathrooms and adding them to their custom home building checklist.

What Is a Jack and Jill Bathroom?

What is a Jack and Jill bathroom? Well, if you’ve ever watched the 70s family sitcom “The Brady Bunch,” you’ve seen one. A Jack and Jill bathroom is a bathroom with at least two entrances. Space is shared between two bedrooms, with the doors able to lock from either side.

The basic design of a Jack and Jill bathroom consists of a double sink and vanity, though the shower and toilet are shared fixtures. Some modern interpretations of this bathroom style work in more private compartments and rooms for these fixtures.

If you have a large family, installing a Jack and Jill bathroom may be an ideal solution for this high-traffic part of the house, adding value to your new home and making morning wash-ups less stressful.

Design Options for Saving Space

What you choose to put into your Jack and Jill bathroom may be limited depending on the size of the space. Dual vanities and sinks are standard in a Jack and Jill bathroom since it allows at least two people to use them simultaneously.

A shower is a must, and a corner stall shower is an ideal way to save space in the room. Full-size bathtubs may be a difficult fit, but a corner tub is a great way to add a soaking option for those who enjoy baths.

A Group Bathroom Designed for Privacy

When you have multiple kids using the same bathroom, privacy is an issue. Creative design in the room can allow your kids the privacy they need.

Frosted glass surrounding the toilet area can provide added privacy. The addition of a frosted door can allow one child to use the facilities while another is washing or brushing their teeth.

The shower and tub area can also be privatized with frosted glass or a creative wall separation, allowing additional privacy for anyone bathing or showering without restricting the use of the bathroom entirely.

A Jack and Jill Bathroom for the Grownups

Jack and Jill bathrooms are not just for kids, though. A couple can enjoy the benefits of this retro design, too.

The privacy issue is not as significant for couples, so more creativity can be exercised with design and layout. Open spaces around the shower and tub areas can be spa-like, while carpeting and more high-end (and expensive) materials can be used to decorate the room.

Infinity tubs, walk-in couple’s showers, and lounge areas are all design ideas to include in an adult Jack and Jill bathroom. You might even work in a fireplace for some added heat and romance.

What is a Jack and Jill bathroom? If you’re looking for experienced custom home builders in Illinois ready to answer that question for you, contact us at Icon Building Group. As experienced home designers, we’re prepared to customize a Jack and Jill bathroom design to suit your new home. Call us today for a consultation at (847) 773-1200.

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