There are plenty of factors to consider when building a beach house. Since a newly constructed home has the potential to be anything you dream of, it’s essential to have a well-thought-out house plan before you begin the building process.

In the meantime, consider these five important elements while you speak with experienced Deerfield home builders who have years of experience building beach homes and transforming outdoor spaces.

Your Budget

When you create a budget before building a beach house, you have allotted money for each element important to your home design. Without a budget, you can easily overspend in specific areas or rooms, leaving you with a home that doesn’t match your vision.


Beach homes endure a lot more exposure to water than over homes. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to consider choosing materials that are water-resistant. For example, salt water can cause rusting on specific metals, so it’s best to choose durable woods that resist humidity.

In addition, choosing sturdy windows when building a beach house is also key to protecting against strong winds and pressure in the event of inclement weather like hurricanes or strong storms.

Effects of Erosion

Coastal properties are undoubtedly beautiful and one of a kind. However, when building a beach house near the water, it’s not uncommon for the area to experience varying levels of erosion and flooding over time.

When there’s constant water exposure, you need to ensure you have builders that know how to build a secure and lasting structure and foundation for your home.

Resale Value

The goal of building a beach house isn’t to get the maximum resale value. However, when you’re building, you need to consider your design and what appeals to you and most potential buyers. For example, include a primary bedroom with an attached bathroom and balcony to enjoy the view of the water. Other ways to ensure your home’s resale value is by including features like stone countertops, updated appliances, and an outdoor living space to take in the beauty of the nearby waterfront.

All of these additions are a perk for you as the homeowner, and they’re guaranteed to help you retain the value of your home as well.

Outdoor Design

One of the main reasons homeowners want to build near the water is to get full of experience of living near the beach. This includes sharing moments like having your morning coffee on an outdoor patio or sharing family dinners in outdoor living spaces.

Incorporating outdoor living spaces in your floor plan is a great way to maximize the square footage and provide ample areas for you and your loved ones to get outside and enjoy the beach, all from the comfort of your back porch.

Choose Home Builders You Can Count On

Building a beach house doesn’t have to be an overwhelming undertaking when you have expert help from contractors at Icon Building Group. Our team provides custom builds and top-of-the-line construction for every vacation house design.

Contact Icon Building Group (847) 773-1200 to begin building your dream beach house today!

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