What is a Ranch-Style Home?

The term ranch-style — sometimes called a rancher — refers to a home design concept first introduced in the 1920s. These homes have certain features that make them a unique and charming option for prospective home builders. These homes are usually one story and have wide-open floor plans. They are often designed in an L or U shape, and bedrooms are frequently placed away from the home’s living area. Expect to find sliding doors, leading out to a patio, in most ranch-style homes. Finally, their roofs tend to be of a low-pitch. 

Benefits of a Ranch-Style Home

Ranch-style homes offer numerous benefits, making them attractive to potential home builders. Ranchers are an excellent choice for families of all ages because they lack a second story — without sacrificing functionality. Parents need not worry about their children falling down the stairs, nor will elderly occupants fear tripping as they go from one story to another. Following an open floor plan also has many advantages, including making the house feel larger. Furthermore, parents can make dinner in their kitchen while watching their kids play in their bedrooms across the house. The inclusion of a sliding door leading outside to a patio area adds even more functionality to your space and allows more light into your home — making it feel larger.

Disadvantages of a Ranch-Style Home

There are also some things you should know before deciding to build your own ranch-style home. Ranchers are more expensive than the average household — one estimate puts construction costs associated with a ranch-style at +10% the cost of the average home. This can be explained by the rancher’s footprint: You’ll need more foundation and a larger roof to account for the size of your home’s floor plan. There are also potential issues associated with the single-floor design of these homes: you may feel cramped with everyone on one floor, and it could be hard to find space for yourself.

Why You Should Build a Ranch-Style Home Now

The timing has never been better for you to build your new ranch-style home. Ranchers began declining in popularity in the late-1960s. By the 1970s, few builders were interested in designing complex and charming ranch-style houses instead, using the format to produce simplified variations that lacked the appeal of their predecessors. However, they’ve begun to make a comeback, and builders have returned to the 1950’s rancher style. Prospective home builders who act now may find their investment increase in value over the coming years, as homeowners remember what made this style so popular. This surge in popularity may be driven by young people, most of which were born long after the rancher stopped being the norm in the United States.

Final Thoughts on Constructing a Ranch-Style Home

A ranch-style home, or rancher, is a style of home that was incredibly popular in the 1950s and 1960s. They tend to cost a little more than average because of their unique design structure. They make wonderful homes for families of all ages and are an iconic part of the American architectural tradition.